Volume 46, No. 2, June, 2013


47. Over expression of β-1, 4-xylanase by auto-induction in E. coli, M. Imran M. Khan, M. Sajjad and M. Waheed Akhtar


52. Geometry optimization of antimuscarinic, antichloenergic and antispasmodic aprophen hydrochloride, Farhat Bano and Naheed Akhter


55. Phytochemistry and effect of oral administration of (Camellia sinesis) Turkish and Ceylon tea on the development of metabolic syndrome in albino rats, M.K. Atiku, Y.B. Abdulrahman and B.Y Muhammad


59. Anthrarobin and its derivatives: evaluation of antibacterial and lipoxygenase inhibition activities, Mehreen Lateef, Samina Iqbal, Nizam uddin, Bina S. Siddiqui and Abid Azhar


62. Synergistic efficacy of organic vegetables under tunnels and field conditions, M. R. Chattha, A. S. Anjum, Muhammad Ali Khan, M. Imran and M. Imran Kassana


65. Chronic mild stress (CMS)-induced behavioral deficits were attenuated by fluoxetine, Muhammad Farhan, Huma Ikram and Darakshan Jabeen Haleem


70. Effect of paternal tobacco consumption on the new born, Haleema Hashmi, S. Ali Arsalan, Aneel Roy, Imroz Arif Farhan, Sadaf Kanwal and S. Arshad Husain


73. Reversal of haloperidol-induced tardive vacuous chewing movements and supersensitive somatodendritic serotonergic response by imipramine in rats, Noreen Samad and Darakhshan Jabeen Haleem


80. Optimization of pretreatment conditions of sorghum bicolor straw, a substrate for bioethanol production: a pilot study, Suhail Javed Choudhary, Sajid Mehmood and Hajra Naz


85. Early diagnostic predictors: useful in treatment and progression of diabetes associated nephropathy, Syeda Nuzhat Nawab, Syed M. Shahid, Abid Azhar and Nikhat Ahmed